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Smile Confidently With Crowns and Bridges

If you have a cracked or weakened tooth, a crown is an excellent option for covering the tooth in an aesthetically appealing way. Our goal at Stender Dental Studio is always to provide long-lasting solutions, not short-term patches that don’t adequately address the issue.

Crafting Same-Day Dental Crowns

Rather than wait days for your permanent crown to be made at an offsite laboratory, we fabricate custom crowns out of high-quality materials here in our practice. Thanks to our onsite lab, we are able to ensure a higher level of attention and efficiency during your smile design process.
Each of our patients receives quality restorations that we would use on our teeth or the teeth of our family members. If in certain cases, an offsite laboratory is required, we are are proud to only use Western Australia’s highest quality local laboratories. VITA ENAMIC®, e.max® and zirconia are used to make the crowns.
Another benefit of having your crowns made in-house is that you can enjoy fewer appointments.

Utilising Digital Scanning

So we can ensure that crowns and bridges provide the best fit, we use modern digital scanning equipment to take an impression of the tooth or teeth. This information is directly sent to our in-house laboratory, where your customised restoration is made onsite in a shorter period.

Enjoy Restored Function With Fixed Bridges

Do you feel self-conscious due to a gap in your mouth from a missing tooth? A natural-looking bridge can fill in open areas left behind after a tooth is extracted or has fallen out. As a fixed restoration, the bridge uses functional crowns on each end; these are anchored over neighbouring teeth, to support the floating crown suspended between them.

Bridges and crowns also can be attached over dental implants, whether you require a single or multiple tooth replacement.

If you’d like to find out if crowns or bridges are right for your smile restoration needs, contact us today!


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