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Latest Technology Ceramic Crowns and Bridges

Our technology rich Falcon dental studio offers high quality oral health services within a convenient timeframe. While caring for your smile, Dr Elvira Stender’s (Dentist) goal is to always strengthen and protect individual teeth, as opposed to patching up problems along the way. e.max® VITA ENAMIC® and zirconia are some of the materials we use for metal-free, natural white teeth.

Digital Scanning and On-site Laboratory

Dr Stender demonstrating Cerec machine to patientFor accurate, custom fitted crowns and bridges, we utilise digital scanning equipment to take an “impression” of the involved area. This information is directly transmitted to our in-house laboratory, where your customised restoration is made on site in a shorter time frame.

With an onsite lab available, we are able to ensure a higher level of attention and efficiency during your smile design. Each of our patients receive quality restorations that we wouldn’t second guess placing on our own teeth. If an offsite laboratory is required, we are are proud to only ever use Western Australia’s highest quality local laboratories.

Same Day High Performance Dental Crowns

Rather than wait days for your permanent crown to be made at an offsite laboratory, we craft a custom restoration out of high quality materials here in our studio. You’ll enjoy fewer appointments and durability that you can depend on.

Fixed Bridges Restore Function

Replacing a missing tooth requires a blend of artistry and physics. Sculpting a beautiful bridge makes it possible to fill in open areas left behind after a tooth is removed or has fallen out. The fixed restoration uses functional crowns on each end, anchored over neighbouring teeth, to support the floating crown suspended between them.

Both crowns and bridges can also be affixed over dental implants, for single or multiple tooth replacement.

Better Oral Health, Better Well Being

After we’ve restored or replaced your damaged teeth, our studio will equip you with the tools and resources to ensure the best dental wellbeing in the future.

Experience friendly customer care. Contact our studio today to get started!


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